A Teenager in PAPA-2

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Masroof Sultan, 19, was traveling by municipal bus from his residence in Batmaloo to Siri Partap College in Lal Chowk, Srinagar, where he was a first-year student in chemistry — a trip he made every … Read More

Pandits In Power

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The miseries of a Kashmiri Muslim never seem to end. They were subjugated by there rulers and still are and any knowledgeable person cannot deny the fact that Kashmiri Pandit community was the ruling and … Read More

Case 8 : Mohammad Shafi Shah

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Victim Details: Mohammad Shafi Shah [Enforced Disappearance] Occupation: 2nd year Bachelor of Sciences [BSC] student Son of: Ali Mohammad Shah Resident of: Mirnag, Hyhama, Kupwara District Alleged Perpetrators: 1. Deputy Superintendent of Police [DSP] Ghansham, … Read More

Seven Historic Routes To Kashmir

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The Vale of Kashmir was historical connected to the outside world mainly through Afghanistan, Central Asia, Chinese Turkistan, and Iran. Kashmiris had established strong trade and cultural links with the societies of these regions. Kashmir … Read More