Case 5 : Zahid Farooq Sheikh

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Victim Details: Zahid Farooq Sheikh [Extra-Judicial Killing] Age: 16 Son of: Farooq Ahmad Sheikh Resident of: Sheikh Mohalla, Brein, Nishat, Srinagar Alleged perpetrators: 1. Commandant Randeer Kumar Birdi, 68th Battalion Border Security Force [BSF] 2. … Read More

Case 4 : Extra-Judicial Killing

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Victim Details: Gulzar Ahmad Bhat [Abduction, Wrongful Confinement, Torture and Extra-Judicial Killing] Occupation: Mason Son of: Ghulam Rasool Bhat, Fata Resident of: Rangardhar Mohalla, Sadarkote Balla, Bandipora District Alleged Perpetrators: 1. Major Vishal Sharma, 18 … Read More

Case 3 : Custodial Killing

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Victim Details: Mohammad Rafiq Shah [Tarray] [Abduction, Torture and Extra Judicial Killing (Custodial Killing)] Age: 16 Occupation: Student, Regional Public School Son of: Salima Shah and Mehraj-ud-Din Shah [Tarray] Resident of: Khankah Sokhta, Nawa Kadal, … Read More

Case 2: Enforced Disappearance

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Victim Details: Habibullah Shah [Enforced Disappearance] Age: 35 Occupation: Employee in Public Health and Engineering department Son of: Mohammad Ismail Shah [deceased] Spouse: Hanifa Resident of: Janbazpora, Baramulla District. Alleged Perpetrators: 1. Captain Rahul, 29 … Read More

26 January 1992 : Modi in Kashmir

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For the BJP. the Ekta Yatra didn’t turn out to be the second coming it wanted. There was no saffron sunrise over Srinagar’s Lal Chowk and no exuberant cheerleaders to shout rabble-rousing rah-rahs. BJP President … Read More

Case 1: Mass Torture

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Victim Details: 1. Mohammad Amin [Torture and Extra-Judicial Killing] Son of: Habib-Ullah Malik, Resident of: Tendla, Doda District 2. Jaffar Hussain [Torture and Extra-Judicial Killing] Son of: Ghulam Nabi Malik, Resident of: Tendla, Doda District … Read More

Kashmir: Past and Present

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“Kashmir belongs to India as it was a Hindu place. Don’t you believe me? Go read the Rajtarangni”. “How can you say it has never been India as ancient temples still exist even in Muzaffarabad”. … Read More