Eleven And Dead

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Nasir Shafi Qazi (11) from New Theed, Harwan, Srinagar was a 7th Standard Student at Green Light Higher Secondary School, Nishat when he was killed last year on September 16. Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil … Read More

Exposing The Exodus

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HISTORY Using the rhetorical threat of migration, the leaders of the Pandit community have attempted to blackmail governments many a time in the past. When the Muslims rose up for their rights in 1931, the … Read More

13 July, 1931 : The Whole Truth

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After suffering unspeakable brutalities under the Dogra rule for eight decades, Kashmiris finally rose up in 1931. There were many reasons behind the uprising — the poor economic conditions of Kashmiri Muslims (who were 95% … Read More