Mubeena Gani: The Bride

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When a Barat (marriage party) was returning from the house of Muhammad Akbar Ganai, here at 12 in the night on May 18, 1990, no one would have imagined it would be the last Barat … Read More

Not Perfect But Why Self Flogging?

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Self flogging has become a norm in Kashmir. Everybody curses himself or the whole population, ‘Never trust a Kashmiri’ , ‘Our kind is unreliable’ are things we hear almost every day, They don’t understand that … Read More

Case 10 : Raped, with no justice!

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In the year 1992, Farhana (Name changed) was repeatedly raped by Ikhwani Abdul Rashid Pahloo. Rashid Pahloo, an Ikhwan group commander, managed his entry inside the victim’s house through Mohammed Akbar Hajam. Akbar Hajam’s younger … Read More