Case 7 : Aashiq Hussain

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Victim Details:  Aashiq Hussain Akhoon [Abduction and Fake Encounter] Age: 18 Occupation: Contractor, Kashmir Motor Drivers Association Son of: Mohammad Yusuf Akhoon Resident of: Ratharpora, Noorpora, Tral, Pulwama District [present address], Previously resident of Pinglish, … Read More

Americans In Kashmir Conflict

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1: Admiral Chester W Nimitz (February 24, 1885- February 20, 1966) A five star admiral, Chester William Nimitz retired as US’s chief of naval operations (CNO) in 1947. He was a German Texan. When India took … Read More

Seven Architectures Unique to Kashmir

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The traditional architecture of Kashmir stand apart for its uniqueness, traits, style and structure; which makes it intriguingly distinctive. Iranian influence on the art and architecture of Kashmir has been both direct and indirect, appearing … Read More