The History of Kashmir’s Struggle For Freedom – P N Bazaz

Kashmir Under the Sultans – Mohibbul Hasan

Kashmir’s Fight For Freedom – Saraf

Jammu Genocide Documents

GMD Sufi – Kasheer (Volume -1) & GMD Sufi – Kasheer (Volume -2)

Kashmir In Conflict – Victoria Schofield

Kashmir In Crossfire – Victoria Schofield

The Disputed Legacy by Alistair Lamb

The Wounded Paradise – Hussain Altaf

Birth of a Tragedy Kashmir- Alistair Lamb

Snedden – Kashmir: The Untold Story

PN Bazaz – Inside Kashmir

Kashmir in Sunlight and Shade by Tyndale Biscoe

The Valley of Kashmir by Walter Lawrence

The Kashmir Problem – Alistair Lamb

The Parchment of Kashmir – Nyla Ali Khan

Islamic Culture In Kashmir – G.M.D Sufi

Sheikh Abdullah – Aatish-e Chinar [Flames of the Chinar; English]

Wrongs of Kashmir and Kashmir Misgovernment – British Papers


Spoken Kashmiri (Language Course) – Omkar N. Koul 

The Kashmir Saga – Sardar M. Ibrahim Khan

Facts Under Ground [JKCCS REPORT]

Culture and Political History of Kashmir – PNK Bamzai

Freedom Struggle in Kashmir – FM Hassnain

A Vocabulary of the Kashmiri Language

Seedtime in Kashmir- Memoir

Thirty years in Kashmir – Arthur Neve

Chowdhary – Identity Politics In Jammu and Kashmir

Half Widow, Half Wife? [APDP REPORT]

Beg – Wailing Vale

Pampori – Kashmir In Chains

Alleged Perpetrators [JKCSS REPORT]

Mohiuddin – Kashmir 1931 Se 1977 Tak

Giyas’Uddin – Communist Movement In Kashmir

Giyasuddin – Kashmir, Islam Ideology and Society

Khalid Hassan – Kashmir Holocaust

Letters from India and Kashmir – J Duguid

Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Tibet – WH Knight

A Guide For Cisitors To Kashmir (1898) – John Collett

Where Three Empires Meet – EF Knight

Tragedy in Kashmir – A. H. Suharwardy

Hassnain – Heritage Of Kashmir

Fazili – Kashmir Historiographer

The anatomy of a Massacre – The mass killings at  Sailin

Michael Brecher – The Struggle for Kashmir

Sharma – Kashmir Awakes

Travels in Kashmir, Ladakh and Iskardo (Volume 1)  & (Volume 2)  – G.T. Vigne

Gupta – Trilingual aspects of language learning and teaching

Hassnain – Historic Kashmir

Kashmir in the Shadow of War

Inside Indian held Kashmir

History of Srinagar by Ishaq Khan

Ihd-nama Kashmir – Kwaja Sanaullah Bhat

Abdullah – Kashmir Conspiracy Case

The Jammu & Kashmir Territories – Frederic Drew

[H.R.Pirie] Kashmir – The Land of Streams and Solitude

Mohammad Zahid – Kashmir in War and Diplomacy

Inside Occupied Kashmir Today

Islamic Nations and Kashmir Problem – Attar Chand

Shadow War – Arif Jamal

Tassadaque Hussain – Kashmir Enigma

Hassnain – Freedom Struggle in Kashmir

Kashmir And Kashghar In 1873-74 By Bellew

Travels In Kashmir And The Panjab By Hugel

Dictionary Of Kashmiri Proverbs And Sayings By Knowles

Journals Kept In Hyderabad, Kashmir and Sikkim

Puri : Kashmir Towards Insurgency (Volume 1) & Volume 2

Folk-tales of Kashmir

Kashmir – Younghusband, Francis Edward, Sir, 1863-1942

Auliya e Kashmir – Muhammad Tariq Lahori

History of Muslim Conference

THE 1947-48 Kashmir War The war of lost opportunities – Maj (Retd) AGHA HUMAYUN AMIN

Tarikh-i-Kashmir – Khastah, Hargopal Kaul, 1848-1923

The Charm of Kashmir – O’Connor, V. C. Scott (Vincent Clarence Scott), 1869-1945

Poems of Kashmir (1921)

A Woman’s life for Kashmir : Irene Petrie, a biography (1897)

The Happy Valley; sketches of Kashmir and Kashmiris (1879)

Research paper on effects of Militancy on Tourism (1989-2002)

Maktubat of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (Amir-e-Kabir)

Naat Manqabat (Persian)

Rajtarangini Volume: 1  & Rajtarangini Volume: 2

Intercommunal Relations Jammu and Kashmir – Nirmal Singh

Sumantra Bose – Kashmir Roots Of Conflict

Shams Kashmiri – Naya Kashmir

ABC of Kashmir Question

Kashmir In Flames – Sanaullah Bhat

Hassnain – Kashmir Legacy

Beg – Captive Kashmir

Danger in Kashmir – Josef Korbel

Muhammed – Living Uncertainties

L. Kak – Kashmir Untold Story of Men and Matters

Anne Noronha – Military Intervention and Secession in South Asia

Rabbani – Kashmir Social and Cultural History

Himalayan And Kashmiri Birds – Douglas Dewar

A Holiday In The Happy Valley – Swinburne TR

Wani – Reflections on Kashmir Politics

Akhter Shahzada – Kashmir Women Empowerment and National Conference

Fazili – Kashmir Prediction

Behara – Demystifying Kashmir

Tassaduque Hussain – India and Kashmir

Ganai Kashmir- NC and Politics

Inquilabi – Masleh Kashmir

Wani Nizam’uddin – Muslim Rule in Kashmir

Kashmir in Comparative Perspective OCR

Wani – Muslim Religious Trends

My Life and Times – Mir Qasim

Tikoo – Story of Kashmir

Sudha Koul – The Tiger Ladies

Kashmir Question

Bilqees Taseer – Sheikh Abdullah

Kashmir Today – Bakshi Ghulam Mohd

Ghani Kashmiri (Urdu)

My Land My People – Baba

Kashmir Awakes – B L Sharma

Kashmir Ka Siyasi Ingilab

Kashmir Visitors Rules – Dogra Period

My Years With Nehru & Kashmir

Natural Clalmities In J&K – Jarnel Singh Dev

Kashmir, Islamic Ideology and Society – Giyasuddin

Kashmir Legacy – Hassnain

Kashmir, Three Weeks In A Houseboat – Ambrose

The Markhor, Sport In Kashmir – Königsmarck

A trip to Kashmit and Ladakh – Cowley

The Silk Industry & Trade – Ratan

Blood in the Valley – A Report

U K Zutshi. – Emergence Of Political Awakening

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