Who Was Mihirakula?

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Buddhism became dominant in Kashmir during the reign of Emperor Ashoka (3 BC), although it was widespread here long before his time. There were many Buddhist viharas in Kashmir before Ashoka, some Chinese sources even … Read More

The Forgotten Poonch Uprising

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In 1947, people in Jammu Province engaged in three major actions that divided Jammu and Kashmir and confirmed that the princely state was not deliverable in its entirety to India or Pakistan. The first was … Read More

Kashmir: October 17 or 27?

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October 1947 witnessed hectic diplomatic activity in New Delhi and Karachi (then capital of Pakistan) and military movement in Jammu and Kashmir which was still silent on the issue of accession. Contrary to common belief … Read More

13 July, 1931 : The Whole Truth

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After suffering unspeakable brutalities under the Dogra rule for eight decades, Kashmiris finally rose up in 1931. There were many reasons behind the uprising — the poor economic conditions of Kashmiri Muslims (who were 95% … Read More

The Earthquake of 1885

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The spring of 1885 had been unusually cold and wet, and heavy rains had lasted right on into the summer. It was five o’clock one May morning when Arthur Neve was wakened by what seemed … Read More