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Nasir Shafi Qazi

Nasir Shafi Qazi (11) from New Theed, Harwan, Srinagar was a 7th Standard Student at Green Light Higher Secondary School, Nishat when he was killed last year on September 16. Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) later met his father, Mohammad Shafi Qazi to record his testimony which has been reproduced below:

Nasir had left to offer Asr prayers at around 5 PM. Till 7 PM, he hadn’t come back home so we were worried. Soon, a mosque loudspeakers announced that Nasir is missing and  people from entire two villages Barji Harwan and New Theed joined us as we went out to search for him. We looked everywhere. Someone said that there was shelling on the bridge near Dachigam National Park. They said he might have been injured, so we went there in search for him too.

At around 9:30 PM we found his body at gate number 2 of Dachigam National Park. We found his pellet ridden body on a water-point where animals usually come to drink water. They had left his body there, so that it looks like an attack by an animal. When we found him, a leopard was hovering around but he had not touched him. We didn’t take the dead body to our home as the village people decided to safeguard his dead body under their protection at Government High School, New Theed.

Women react as they see the body of Nasir Shafi (11). | © Danish Ismail

The village elders told us that police (SHO) had told them that he was attacked by a bear, which lead to his killing. That’s what they had told people who had been coming for the mourning. We kept the body at the premises of Government High School till morning. We wanted to wait for media to come, so that this gets reported as a killing by state forces not due to a bear attack.

Then media came at around 10 PM and they saw his dead body. He had around 450 pellets on his body. He was severely beaten. He had internal bleeding. The boot marks were on his face, genitals and other parts of the body. He was severely beaten; excessive force was used on him. He was only a kid and must not have known how to run for safety when there police had ran after people and they had found him and beaten him to death.

In fact they had kept his body upside down on the water point, so that when an animal eaters away at his back – that way they could erase the evidence of him being shot with pellets. On the morning, when he was taken for burial – they fired at the procession.

Pellet-riddled back of Nasir. | © Faisal Khan

They didn’t let us bury him properly. They imposed a strict curfew for the next five days. Hundreds of people were injured in shelling on mourners. They damaged properties in the entire village, came into houses, and broke window panes. They let a reign of terror on our village.

Police are responsible for his death. Who else will fire pellets and beat him like that? SP East Faysal Qayoom came to our house on the third day but we didn’t let him come in. He asked us ‘what happened to Nasir?’ I answered him that doesn’t he know? Perpetrators cannot stand in solidarity with the victims. I told him we will talk to him on the Day of Judgment and I will hold his collar and ask him to tell me what Nasir had done?

Mourners raised pro-freedom slogans during the funeral of Nasir Shafi Qazi | © Faisal Khan

Few days back, they called me (father) and told me to come to PS Harwan. There, SHO Zahoor asked me to tell him who was with Nasir when he was killed, I told him that he should ask this to his police force; they should know who was with him because they are the perpetrators who killed Nasir and shot him with pellets.

We haven’t filed any FIR because we have seen what has happened with other killings. There is no justice in this place.

We know what happened to Wamiq Farooq and the Tengpora youth. We haven’t filed the FIR. Neither did we ask them. We don’t know whether they have filed any FIR or not. If they conduct any investigation, impartial judicial investigation, we don’t have any issues with it but we will not let them conduct autopsy. They have to kill us all too before doing that. They will have to walk over our dead bodies.

Nasir was martyred. He was held by millions of people on his death. The oppressors will have no one to hold their dead bodies. We will fight this sadness with our patience. Their brutality should get highlighted. Their names should be in public. Everybody should know what they have done to our boy. They had done to his body what they don’t do with militants even.

Even Burhan Wani wasn’t tortured like that. This is our JK Police. Even colonel Yadav of CRPF has said that this is done by JK Police. Nasir was a quiet and shy kid. He had performed 10-day-Atiqaaf in the last period of Ramadan, this year. We will fight this injustice in God’s court.

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