“Until Lions write their own history, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”
~Chinua Achebe

Lost Kashmir History is like a touchstone which guards our memory against the dense military occupation. Ever since the thumping jackboots of a post-colonial warmonger landed on the sacred vale of Kashmir, and their predecessors before them; a procession of memory set in. Year after year; decade after decade; this memory multiplies.

Memory of foreign invaders plundering our resources, building their forts, coercing us into forced labour, taxing our produce, riding our backs across mountains, starving us to death, snatching our lands, sabotaging our culture, demonising our religion; all culminating in what we are today — an embodiment of pain and oppression.

Memory of living under guns, breathing teargas, facing pellets, receiving bullets, getting killed in crossfire, being passed as collateral damage, parading and card-checking in crackdowns, bodies disintegrating in interrogation camps; permanently etched in our minds.

Memory of what the mercenaries perpetrated on us, robbed us of our cultural values, seized our language, appropriated our aspirations, sugarcoated our demands, covered up their crimes; ceasing to subside to the bin.

And then. Memory of cutting our thumbs, throwing shoes at the emperors, chanting slogans, trampling occupiers, resorting to gun, pelting stones, waving flags, erecting banners, marching together; our unabated resistance that we are proud of.

Lost Kashmir History is an initiative to memorise the saga of occupation and oppression. To remember the valiance and bravadoes of our resistance. To celebrate our heroes. To cherish our struggle. And move closer to our dream of a Just society.

We started in 2013, collecting data from various sources, trying to verify each event which is difficult given the immensity of crimes committed in our homeland. We update our social media everyday with happenings from our tormented yet resilient past.

We hope Lost Kashmir History becomes an archival repository for our future generations which never affords us the luxury to secede from our past.