Case 10 : Raped, with no justice!

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In the year 1992, Farhana (Name changed) was repeatedly raped by Ikhwani Abdul Rashid Pahloo. Rashid Pahloo, an Ikhwan group commander, managed his entry inside the victim’s house through Mohammed Akbar Hajam. Akbar Hajam’s younger brother Muzaffar was working with Ikhwan’s owing to which he had developed some sort of relation with Mohammad Akbar. However, there is no role of Mohammad Akbar, whatsoever, with the rape and torture of the victim, or torture of her family.

With every passing day Rashid Pahloo increases his visits to Farhana’s house One day, Rashid Pahloo entered the house while his men remained outside the house. That day he separated her from rest of the family and took her to a separate room and raped her there. Nobody had any idea what was happening inside the room. Farhana also did not disclose what had happened. This continues for four months. Farhana out of fear and shame [that she felt], did not share what was happening with her family.

Another Ikhwan Bashir Ahmad Rather alias Chengez, part of Rashid’s group, without informing his commander visited Farhana’s house. He took her to a separate room where Farhana asked him to hand over the hand grenade he was carrying along to her as she will place it safely in the house. As soon as Bashir handed over the grenade, she tried to remove its pin unsuccessfully and that forced Bashir to run away from the house. It was then that she revealed what had been happening. The family had decided not to return the hand grenade to the Ikhwanis, as they could falsely implicate the family by showing recovery of the explosive. The grenade was hidden.

On the other hand, Bashir Ahmad misinformed his Ikhwan associates that Farhana had snatched the grenade from him. To retrieve the grenade, Ikhwanis frequently raided the house and tortured the family members. She was subjected to torture as well. However, the family did not relent. They were also unsure whom to hand over the grenade to i.e. which authority. This dilemma continues for few months, as the family did not want to get falsely implicated in any frivolous case. The raids and torture continued for three months till the family agreed to return the grenade.

On every raid, Farhana was hung upside down, dragged from room to room, beaten and frequently molested by the Ikhwanis. The continuous torture took a toll on her health. On one occasion, a Border Security Force [BSF] patrolling party spotted her hung to the ceiling insider her house. They entered and unfastened the rope. On enquiry, when the BSF men were told that she was hung by Ikhwanis they left the spot without saying anything. In 1993, Farhana, now pregnant, was taken to the hospital. She died after two days. Her death was a consequence of the rape and torture on her. A First Information Report [FIR] was filed with Sumbal police station in this case. No investigations have been carried out. The FIR itself is against “unknown persons”. In 1999, Rashid Palhoo killed Farhana’s brother too, as he had apprehensions that he might take up the case of his sister. The brother was shot dead.

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