The Kashmiri Who Was Burnt Alive

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The man in the picture above. His name is Ghulam Mohammad Dar. He lived at a place that falls along Gamiraj road in Tral area of Awantipora district. He was a divorcee and is survived by 3 brothers and a son. He was a govt employee working in PHE department.

In 1995, one day while walking down the street, holding his little son in his arms, he and his colleague were picked up by SOG men for no reason. His child was left there but they were taken to a camp in Bijbehara. They were tortured severely over the next few days and later burnt alive. While the other person immediately succumbed to his injuries, he suffered serious burn injuries. His family had no idea about his whereabouts for many days but after searching hard and long, they finally found him lying under a rug while crying in pain in the camp. He was shifted to SMHS hospital where he underwent treatment for 7 months but there was no change in his condition and he was advised to visit a hospital in Chandigarh. It took him 10 years to recover from the damage but his internal wounds would never heal. Since then he had been visiting different hospitals.

From 2013 to 2015, his condition was so bad that one could hardly recognize him. He was frail and riddled with problems. Confined to a bed, his bones were so weak that a small stroke caused fractures. His body was badly scarred and he was reluctant to show it to others. He had drawn up a will that no stranger should see his body when given “ghusul ” but it was not honoured.

That torture and illness had taken a heavy toll on his health that finally culminated in his death on July 04, 2015.

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