Case 8 : Mohammad Shafi Shah

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Victim Details:

Mohammad Shafi Shah [Enforced Disappearance]

Occupation: 2nd year Bachelor of Sciences [BSC] student

Son of: Ali Mohammad Shah

Resident of: Mirnag, Hyhama, Kupwara District

Alleged Perpetrators:

1. Deputy Superintendent of Police [DSP] Ghansham, Special Operations Group [SOG], Jammu and Kashmir Police

Case Information:

On 4 April 1997, Mohammad Shafi Shah was picked up by SOG personnel, led by DSP Ghansham, from Karan Nagar, Srinagar. Mohammad Shafi Shah has disappeared since.

The brother of Mohammad Shafi Shah, filed a complaint before the State Human Rights Commission [SHRC] on 6 March 2007. The final decision was given by the SHRC on 15 July 2009.

The SHRC sought a report from the Director General of Police [DGP], Jammu and Kashmir, which stated that some “unidentified gunmen” had kidnapped Mohammad Shafi Shah from his rented accommodation. Further, that nothing adverse had been found against him. Two witnesses were produced before the SHRC: Peerzada Mohammed Jaffar and Ali Mohammad Shah, the father of the victim.

Peerzada Mohammed Jaffar stated that “the Task Force party from Karan Nagar Police Station” abducted Mohammad Shafi Shah along with eight others. Further, he also stated that “the locals” of the area were saying that the party was headed by one “Dy.SP Ghansham”. The father of the victim stated that he heard about the abduction of his son by the “Task Force”. Further, that he heard that Mohammad Shafi Shah had been taken to the SOG Camp, Cargo, for questioning. Further, that “thereafter he visited Cargo office where he was allowed to meet his son”.

The SHRC stated that the factum of disappearance of Mohammad Shafi Shah was confirmed in the police report along with the fact that Mohammad Shafi Shah was not involved in any militancy related activities.

The SHRC recommended Rs.1,00,000 ex-gratia government relief and compassionate employment under SRO-43 [Statutory Rules and Orders]. Despite the passage of 20 years, and the SHRC decision confirming the disappearance based on a police report, no information exists on whether any investigations or prosecutions were conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Police in this case. It needs to be ascertained whether even a FIR was filed.

Source: Structures of Violence – JKCCS 

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