My Story : I Refused to be a Renegade, so they killed my brother!

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In 1995 Ikhwanis were forcing me to work with them and join the Ikhwan. These Ikhwanis were under the command of Tahir Fuf resident of Khanabal, Liyaqat, resident of Police Colony, Islamabad and Setha Gujar resident of General bus stand, Islamabad. These three were the top line commanders of the Ikhwan in Islamabad and they were responsible for sending their personnel to force me to join Ikhwan. But I refused to join. At that time we were living in Dangerpora. Ikhwanis came many times to my home sometimes in the night and also beat my family. This harassment compelled me to leave my house and I migrated to Nawakadal, Srinagar.

On 26 August 1995, Ikhwanis namely Sameer Darzi, alias Babloo, son of Abdul Majeed Darzi resident of Dangerpora, accompanied by others came to my house at about 09:30 am and picked up my 13 year old brother Nisar Ahmad who was leaving for school then. He was taken to the Kadipora Ikhwani camp. There he was tortured to reveal my whereabouts and where I had hidden the weapons. After he was beaten a lot, he told them that the weapons are at home. These Ikhwanis brought him back to the home and searched our house. The Ikhwanis present on this occasion were Showket resident of Aishmuqam, Tahir Fuf, Ghulam Rasool Wagay alias Kach Gour resident of Martiyard, Islamabad, Setha Gujjar resident of Lal Chowk, Islamabad. But they couldn’t find anything in the house. While searching the house they kept my mother, Hameeda and my sister in a room. Tahir Fuf beat my mother with a stick and Sameer Darzi beat my father Abdul Rehman Darzi and kicked him in the abdomen. Then the Ikhwanis took my brother back to the Malakhnagh area and shot him dead on the road. One of the fingers of his hand had also been cut. His death caused my father’s cardiac problems because of which he also died in 2007.

I came to know about this through my family. I came to Islamabad at the death of my brother and then I left and went back to Srinagar. I returned to my house in 1997 and after 3-4 days in Islamabad, the Intelligence Bureau took me to Khanabal camp and detained me for 15 days. For the first 5 days I was tortured. They rolled a roller on my body, administered electric shocks, and dipped my head in water. I was released after 15 days.

In 2004, there was an attack on Omar Abdullah at th Sarnal while going to Safder Beg’s house on the 4 day ceremony after the death of Safder Beg. I was accused for the attack, under section 307 [attempt to murder], and was arrested by Army, SOG, CRPF, from my home and taken to the JIC. In the JIC I was kept for 9 days and I was tortured by Harmeet Singh, Ramesh and Mukesh there. Methods of torture used, included administering electric shocks to my body, hanging by my hands and dipping my head in water.

After that I was taken to Kot Bhalwal jail and was imprisoned for two years under the Public Safety Act. After my release I bought an auto and started auto driving..xt

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