The Lost Kashmiri History Project (LKH) began as a small initiative in 2013 to revisit the contemporary history of Kashmir. The absence of an initiative to collectivise the memory and struggles of ordinary Kashmir had been feeding into a false narrative. The usage of language and the second-handed narratives filled with neo-colonialist cliches that are designed to alienate, distort and dehumanise Kashmiris in the media.

Throughout history, Kashmir has been victim to false narratives, fake history and fake news. The distortion of history is an assault to the collective identity of any people. The basic objective of LKH is to present the ground narratives with research, oral history and factual evidences. The recognition of individual and collective memory, as well as the memory of the society or a group is important to bring together the missing pieces of Kashmir’s evolving history.

The recording of memory, through personal stories and their resistance to forgetting is an important platform that LKH is based upon. The resistance to forgetfulness of crimes, atrocities and collective punishment is an important way to resist any forms of occupation, political and otherwise.

Forgetting is a crisis of national significance and the remembrance is to keep the history alive as a moral duty, as we stand witness to our history. The engagement in remembrance is not only a key to political, cultural and moral survival but also forms of resistance.

Lost Kashmiri History
A Culture of Resistance