Statements from the Lost Kashmiri History Project to the media and public at large.

Press Release 2 (28/09/2018)

Before Lost Kashmiri History resumes its work, which was hampered due to some unavoidable circumstances, we would like to make few announcements pertaining to the roles of people involved in the website.

Although we try to update our website and pages daily, due to unavailability of resources sometimes we miss on many things, we apologise to our readers. Similarly, there were some unavoidable circumstances faced by the members of the website due to which we couldn’t update anything for quite some time.

However, now Lost Kashmiri History is resuming its work in weeks’ time and would try to maintain the pace to the best of its abilities.

Lost Kashmiri History announces the departure of Arsilan Aziz, the co-founder of the Website. He won’t be associated with the website in whatsoever role hereafter. The website will now be run by Zulkarnain Banday. Any queries/questions regarding any matter shall be sent on

– Lost Kashmiri History

Press Release 1 (21/01/2017)

A few years ago, we started a small effort. It was an effort to document history that has gone untold for the new generation of Kashmiris.

GawKadal Massacre, one of the bloodiest massacres in the twentieth century was isolated from the history in our school books. Like many other bloodiest days in Kashmir, our history was selective to establish a certain narrative of a status quo.

The occupation and oppression thrives on the forgetfulness of the oppressed. From our history of resistance that starts centuries ago in 1586 to the current times, must not be forgotten.

A small initiative, an effort became a movement of memory. From the oral history passed down to us by our ancestors to the scribbles in the prisons of Kashmir, this movement attempted to find and recover the history.

Our efforts have a long way to go, to fulfil our dream of having the real, decolonised history of Kashmir. It’s because of our readers appreciation, that we find strength.

On this 27th anniversary of Gaw Kadal Massacre, Lost Kashmiri History becomes a web-based-platform. It’s our tribute to the people of Kashmir, and those heroes who enrich our history and identity.

We are an independently run research based educational and research platform. The goal of our platform is to enable researchers, academicians and most of all people of Kashmir to discover their roots.

We are also a crowdsource platform, for which we would appreciate your contributions through articles, artwork, photographs, archives, books and any other documented form of our history.

We want to thank many of our unsung supporters, who have always been there with their advice and contributions

We thank you all. We hope that this movement becomes bigger with your and our efforts together.

– Team Lost Kashmiri History

Statement #2