The Second Uprising : July 6

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Remembering the martyrs of July 6, 2010.

• Muzaffar Ahmed Bhat (Gangbugh Batamaloo)

Muzaffar Ahmed Bhat;s relative trying to protect his body.

The body of this 17 year old teenager was fished out of the Doodh Ganga stream running through Gangbugh on July 06. Bhat was an 11th class student and lived in the Gangbugh, Batamaloo area of Srinagar outskirts. Locals say that he had been picked up during a patrol on July 05, tortured to death, and then dumped in the stream by CRPF during the night. Police alleged that he had drowned in the stream after being chased by paramilitary forces. His killings set off protests in which at least three other persons were killed.

• Fayaz Ahmed Wani (Gangbugh Batamaloo)

Fayaz Ahmed’s body lays abandoned after indian forces disrupt the funeral procession.

One of the four persons to die on July 06, Fayaz lived in the same area as Muzaffar. When people protested the killing of Muzaffar, the police and CRPF caned the protesters, lobbed tear-smoke canisters into the crowd, and opened live fire on the mourners who chanted anti-Indian rule slogans. In the ruckus, a bullet hit Fayaz in the neck. He worked in the Department of Floriculture and was heading to his office when he passed by the demonstration. The killing sparked further protests across the city. Fayaz is survived by his wife and two daughters. His father-in-law was also killed by the forces during 1990s.

• Fancy Jan (Danderkhah Batamaloo)

One of the two girls killed in 2010. This 24 year old girl was involved in embroidery work in a neighbour’s house. As protests were on across the city, Khadeeja, Fancy’s mother, asked her to fix the
curtain to avoid the teargas smoke. As Fancy was trying to fix the curtain, a bullet pierced through her chest. Hearing Fancy’s cry her mother rushed to that room. Initially Khadeeja thought that her daughter was frightened but after she lifted her scarf, she saw blood gushing out of a small hole near her heart. According to Fancy Jan’s mother the last words uttered by her were “Mummy mae aaw heartas fire,” (Mother, a bullet has hit my heart). Her mother panicked ; the neighbours gathered and soon a group was formed to take her to the hospital amidst the curfew. After much pleading and begging followed by some aggression, the police finally agreed to let them go. However she was declared ‘brought dead’ by the doctors at SMHS hospital.

An FIR number 80/2010 under Section 307, 147, 148, 149, 332, 336, 427 RPC has been registered in PS Batamaloo but the case has had no developments since.

• Abrar Ahmed Khan (Maisuma)

This 16 year old boy was killed in police firing at Maisuma where protests had started after the death news of Fayaz Ahmed Wani reached, who was initially a resident of the same area. Hundreds of men, young and old, participated in the funeral prayers of Abrar near Ahli-hadees Masjid at Gaw Kadal. His body was later laid to rest in Martyrs’ Graveyard at Dalgate.

• Journalists Attacked

Earlier in the same day, six photo-journalists were thrashed by police and CRPF at Tengpora while they were discharging their profession duties of covering the protests. The photojournalists, who were hospitalized, were Tauseef Mustafa (AFP), Farooq Khan (EPA), Bilal Bahadur (Times of India), Altaf Hussain (Roznama Sahafat), Mubashir Khan (Greater Kashmir) and Mohammad Maqbool (Wadi Ki Awaz).

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