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In end 1996, I was a minor and was abducted from my home in the morning in the presence of my father by personnel of the army guided by government gunman, such as Latief, and wife of Amma Waza, a resident of Daselpora, Palhallan in a crackdown. The army and the gunmen were interested in the whereabouts of my neighbor who was a militant with HM.

The army and gunmen took me to the army camp in the locality of houses abandoned by Kashmiri Pandits in Katpora where they kept me until the evening. At the army camp, Major Liyaqat Sinha alleged that I was hiding arms for the militants and promised me a sum of Rs. 1,00,000 in return for this information. But I knew nothing and I told him this. I would later come to know that they had also abducted my brother.

First, the gunmen on the instructions of Liyaqat stripped me of all my clothes. Then they beat me with sticks, many of which kept getting broken. Then the two employed a thick roller on my legs. They poured melted polythene into my vagina. After that I lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I was bleeding from my vagina. During my torture, they brought in my brother. He had been badly tortured as well. His hands were tied behind him with ropes and he was unable to walk. My torturers told my brother to ask me to reveal the location of the weapons I possessed. My brother pleaded to them to let me go. It was only after another relative of mine intervened that the gunmen and army let me go. The gunmen had stolen my earrings and sandals.

Upon my return, the army drove my family out of their house and did not allow us to come back for five days. I got married only three years after my torture. I was too young to be married but our neighbors told my parents that I would not find a match so when the first proposal came, my father got me married.

I have never told my in-laws of my torture, and my medical needs are taken care of by my parents. Due to my torture, I have had difficulties in conceiving children and have had multiple abortions; in fact I started menstruating after I was tortured. After the torture, I received treatment from various Hospitals. My treatment continues to this day. My family did not register a First Information Report as we feared retaliation from Major Liyaqat.

*Name and identifying information withheld

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